20 May

The Day Of…

It’s a gorgeous day for a Paul Harris Scholarship Fundraiser! The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect beautiful baskets made food is ready volunteers are already on the go! We are grateful for the overwhelming support through the giving of gifts, prizes, donations, volunteer hours, prayers, and loving overall support. Thanks to everyone who has made it possible to honor Paul’s memory by helping others.

Now we go to work!! It’s time for the last minute preparations. It is good!!

Please come out and join us this evening for Senior Night, great soccer, fun games, facepainting, wonderful prizes and drawings, yummy food, the newest Paul Harris T-shirts, music, and a fun evening!

If you can’t join us, please donate online at this web site.

Today before Paul’s fundraiser, we will go to celebrate the life of a sweet, funny friend, Trey Wilson, who died too soon at the young age of 34. We will celebrate his life and grieve for his family. God be with them…

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