06 Mar

\”Planning Mode\” for the 8th fundraiser!

It\’s hard to believe that we are in full \”planning mode\” for the 8th fundraiser honoring Paul\’s memory through scholarships! Thanks to an amazing group of volunteers, family and friends, we are in full swing….writing letters, making phone calls, emailing, and talking.

I think the best way to involve people is to share the story, Paul\’s story. And so we share with those we meet for the first time, or talk with for the 8th time, hoping that they will respond with their hearts. We have honored 15 graduating seniors and given over $62,000 in scholarship money to honor students. The scholarships have gone to average students, those who knew Paul and those who just know that he is the red headed guy who someone told them about, students with challenges in their lives, and students with stories that inspire. The recipients are kids who take the time to apply and share their stories in hopes of receiving a \”Paul Harris scholarship\”.

The passion we have for these scholarships came from the love Paul had for people. He loved the popular and those who had few friends. His infectious smile and spirited personality earned him tons of good friends. We have been blessed to be able to help others in his memory. We hope this year\’s scholarship fundraiser will reflect Paul\’s personality through a great community event and that we will raise enough money to give the two largest scholarships ever!

For more details, download our brochure or our flyer.

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