12 Sep

Donate Life: Virginia

We want to share some great news with you about donation and Paul\’s gifts.  Chuck and I were asked to participate in a DVD for LifeNet Health  back in June.  The DVD is made up of four family stories of donation and organ transplantation.  It was very hard to participate in this endeavor, but in the end we are glad to have been a part of such a worthwhile project.  The DVD is part of a new program and a new web site for organ/eye/tissue donation in Virginia (It may be used other places in the future).  The new web site is:  http://www.donatelifevirginia.org/ and it was just launched this past Thursday.

I was asked to be a speaker in Richmond at the state DMV office for the launching of the new site and was honored to appear with the governor\’s wife, Maureen McDonnell, the state commissioner of DMV, another donor family member, and speakers from UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing).  It was an amazing experience personally, but most importantly through the use of the web site and the educational component of the project we will be able to reach teens and adults encouraging donation and educating people about donation.  It is in honor of Paul\’s memory that I speak and write.

I hope that you will look over the web site.  The LifeNet Health team and  volunteers who worked on this project did an amazing job.  Below is a list of the ways you can read and hear about Paul\’s story and see his photos.

The web site:  http://www.donatelifevirginia.org/ :

  • Go to \”Get the Facts\”
  • On the left hand side in \”Stories of Hope\” there is an article I wrote for a local magazine, \”Tidewater Women\”
  • Click on  the \”recycle\” logo on the left side and go to \”Go to Get Started\”, then to Lesson Plan, and finally click on \”Recycle Your Life Video\” and you can see the video in which we participated.
  • Back on the home page again, look on the left hand side and click on \”You Tube\”.  The video is there, too, on You Tube (what do you think Paul Harris would think of that!)

I love you and just wanted to share with those we love,