11 Nov

Happy 21st Birthday to our Paul!!!!

How crazy it is that he would have been 21 today. It makes me feel really old!!! : ) I think of all the fun birthday parties that he had and how much he loved picking out and making his birthday cake when he was younger. And as he got older he would kind of just grunt and say yeah…it\’s my birthday but you knew that he was excited. And knowing Paul, I\’m sure today would have been celebrated BIG time like many of us did. We still celebrate this day and I know that I think back to the day he was born and how it snowed that day…I can\’t remember it ever snowing in VA in November after that. A fluke! Maybe it was just that way because Paul came in with a bang! And then he did everything with a bang from there on out. That was our Paul!!!

To celebrate not only his birthday but continue the celebration of his life, we now have a memorial website for Paul.

It is www.paulcharris13.org.

Take some time and visit it! It will be a website that will evolve over the years. It will be the place that we post information related to events for his scholarship and endowment as well as a site where we can just keep his memory alive. If you have photos or video clips that you would like to see on it, please send them to hhtaylor44@aol.com or to charris858@aol.com. And if you have any stories or memories you would like to share on the site, please send them as well. We are so thankful to the person that helped make this happen for us! They are amazing and are so generous and caring!

We will continue updating CaringBridge for a while but soon we will start making updates solely on Paul\’s website. When we do, we will let you know.

In closing, on this Veteran\’s Day – Paul\’s birthday – I say thank you to those who have served and who do serve our country and I say Happy Birthday to my little brother in heaven – I love you!